Getting Started

Our customized service brings a unique quality to planning your landscape design. The process starts with the phone conversation to talk about the scope of what you are looking to do. Next, we set up a convenient time for a consultation at your home where we chat about what problems need to be solved, what work needs to be done, and general costs. We assess your property’s potential and factor in your desired result. Next, we agree to proceed with the design plan drawing which is generally around $550 for the drawing utilizing your mortgage survey. Half of the design fee will be paid to begin the cad drawing and plant sheet. The design plan will be then be drawn to scale (see sample drawing here). Included in the design plan fee is a color photo sheet of all the plants with name tags to be installed in your project (see plant sample sheet on this page for pictures). After you approve the printed design drawing, a detailed cost estimate of plants, labor, etc., will be provided for review and approval. Once that is complete, it is full steam ahead! A deposit of 1/2 the total cost estimate is required to begin the physical work of preparing/cleaning the site and installing all the features of the design plan. Such features could include a new circle driveway, a courtyard, new palms and trees, irrigation or an outdoor kitchen! We incorporate the new elements such as hardscape (pavers/patio/pool/driveway) along with new trees, planting beds and entertainment areas in a user friendly color drawing.

Plant sample sheet